Tony Pace

Chartered Accountant, Actor, Technical Director of Coaching (NSW National Premier Club), past NSW State Chairman & Councillor (Institute of Chartered Accountants), PGA Accredited Business Advisor and average golfer. There’s not much Tony can’t do!

With over 40 years of experience, Tony combines his business and professional coaching experience with his passion for the numbers to drive the growth of his clients. His knowledge, along with his down-to-earth nature has helped make a real difference in shaping clients’ business successes.

Never scared to ask the tough questions, Tony loves to make things happen to get results for our clients. The Tony approach: “How about we stop talking about it and start actually doing it”.

Despite being the coach, he is the ultimate team player. People like Tony, just like we do. As a result, he seems to know everyone and uses his extensive network to benefit all our clients.