More than just number crunchers, PRS Partners deliver business owners, just like you, peace of mind to focus on living life.

Sure, we’re chartered accountants and expert business and tax advisors. We’ve got all the creds and the smarts you’d expect from a nerd. And while we laugh off our title, we’re serious about changing the face of nerd. Once thought to be single-minded and unsociable, the PRS nerd is innovative, adaptable and quite the social butterfly. Not a bad Nerd to have backing your business journey!

100+ years of experience means we’ve seen a lot. We know strong foundations, values and relationships are crucial for success but it’s our proactive approach to our clients’ needs that makes us truly different.

Constantly on the lookout for new technologies and ideas, we combine what we know works with the latest innovation to generate success for our clients. And while we’ve been ‘around the block’ many times, each time we come back we’re brimming with exciting new ideas to drive continual success and improvement for our clients.



Starters and restarters (0 to 3 years)

  • Ensure your business runs smoothly from the get-go. Don’t risk having to restart

Family businesses that need a change (2 to 7 years)

  • The business is working but some things just don’t feel right
  • Stress, cash flow challenges or just lost the love
  • Don’t feel supported in your business ventures
  • Outgrown your current accountant

Established businesses thinking about the future (7 to 30 years)

  • Management succession
  • Family succession
  • Fixing the business for sale
  • Thinking about retirement

Active individuals and families

  • Individuals and families that are investors (property or otherwise) or in business
  • Actively managing their super through self-managed superannuation

We offer all the services of a traditional accounting practice (and a little bit more) a whole lot better and always with a smile.